design for change

Get the power of systems sciences working for your organisation

Our aim is to help you meet your objectives using systems thinking for strategy, delivery and evaluation.

We work to assist government, business, third sector organisations and individuals.

We draw on our Fellows network, creating teams to work with decision-makers and change-makers like you.

Our rates vary depending on the nature of the work. We offer special rates for social and/or conscious business and for local groups and charities.

How we can help you and your organisation

Making sense

Showing systemic connections and dynamics

Team development

Developing systems capacity in your organisation geared to your area of work

Learning programmes

Providing bespoke training and development based on real cases, contexts and problems


Helping you understand the system context of your work to identify pathways forward 

Aligning Values

Embedding organisational values in system strategies and ways of working - turning them from aspirations into outcomes

Real solutions

Using interdisciplinary approaches to ensure we really solve and not just displace problems

Mapping your goals

Helping you plan for your goals - systems mapping helps to make goals explicit and more reachable.

Inclusive systems

Questioning boundaries, bias, and ‘in’ and ‘out’ groups with critical systems thinking 

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