Schumacher Institute Membership

We believe that social, economic and environmental problems are not isolated and dealing with their complex interactions is vital. Do you agree? Join us as a member and support us to promote systems thinking as an essential tool for change.

What is it?

Membership is for those working in the fields of sustainability, systems thinking, economics or international development and who share in Schumacher’s vision of fairness, human scale development, local action, simplicity and peace.

The Institute is officially recognised as an organisation that undertakes research at the highest level and is a professional body of the highest standing. Our members are expected to have either:

  • a degree level qualification in a relevant subject, or
  • experience of working in these fields for at least two years.

Membership fees are just £10 a month but this can be reduced for those unable to afford that amount.

What are the benefits?

We will provide:

  • regular newsletters about our events, activities and news of other members
  • our reports on sustainability, resilience and development thinking
  • the chance to share your work through our channels and to publish through the Institute
  • the opportunity to do research and take part in our projects
  • a 20% discount to attend our conferences, lectures and workshops.

Members are able to describe themselves as a ‘Member of the Schumacher Institute’ and are allowed to place the initials MSI after their name if they wish to do so. Membership of the Institute offers you one small way to take up the challenge that Schumacher laid out so clearly in Small is Beautiful.

For those who wish to support our work financially but do not wish to become a member we offer our Friends Scheme. We can claim gift aid on donations.

Download a membership form now.

Schumacher Institute Membership Form

Schumacher Institute Membership Form

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Please return to The Schumacher Institute, Create Centre, Smeaton Rd, Bristol, BS1 6XN