Living Futures: how can we create socially, economically and environmentally sustainable futures?

Our research explores possible solutions by:

  • Undertaking specific projects, such as Converge (funded by the EU), that address specific points within our overall research aims.
  • Publishing reports – a series of accessible and timely outputs on key themes in sustainability. These are based on original research, literature reviews or ongoing discussions with our local, European or global research communities.
  • Issuing the Challenge Paper Series, which aims to stimulate further research and debate.
BGW 2013

Schumacher Research Conference  – A New Social Contract for Sustainability?

Our Distinguished and Research Fellows add significant depth and breadth to our research activities and output. This network of fellows actively contribute to the research programme and we offer opportunities for people to undertake challenging research that might not otherwise be possible in large institutions.

See some of our Fellows speak at our Challenge Day in Big Green Week.