Speakers at Small is Powerful (20.06.15) – Margaret Gardner (Practical Action)

On the 20th of June, we are bringing together a number of organisations and individuals inspired by E.F. Schumacher to share how his work has shaped practical action for sustainable change. Learn more about Margaret Gardner, who will be sharing how Practical Action thinks technology can help end poverty and protect our planet. 

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MG5Margaret is a story-teller, a mother and step grand-mother.  She is Marketing and Communications Director of Practical Action (formerly ITDG), sits on the board of Practical Action Publishing, is a Trustee of the New Economics Foundation and a governor of the university of Northampton (the UK’s only Ashoka University).  She is also passionate about fair trade spending 9 years working for Traidcraft.  She lives in Warwickshire, is committed to helping build a fairer and more just society, and she loves to laugh.

In her talk ‘From Intermediate Technology to Technology Justice‘, she detail Practical Action’s experience and explain how, for the last 50 years, they have demonstrated in the Global South the success of many of E.F Schumacher’s ideas.