Website launched for Bristol 2015 funded resilience project

The website for one day: Day One – Resilience, a Schumacher Institute project in partnership with local artist Sara Zaltash, is now live.

Funded by Bristol 2015 Small Grants, the project will transport a light-footed pop-up geodesic dome to 16 diverse locations across the greater Bristol area throughout the summer of 2015. Members of the public will be invited to enter and collectively imagine a resilient, sustainable and Green Bristol, as if that were today’s Bristol, imagining all of the things that they want for their city one day, as if today were Day One. 

The exterior of the one day : Day One – Resilience dome will be richly illustrated with a version of Bristol that has been affected by the environmental, technological, commercial and social changes that are coming in our lifetimes. A local artist has been commissioned to envisage the forecasted changes and depict a version of future-Bristol that has been affected by them.

The project is now in full swing of development, with the project lead Sara Zaltash working hard to engage people across the city. She says: “one day : Day One – Resilience is being well received by communities and organisations in Bristol, and other cities in the 100RC are keen to see how the project can connect their resilience work with that of other cities.

She adds: “Some great partners have come on board in Bristol, including BBC Big Screen, Knowle West Media Centre and the John Wesley New Room, and the Bristol 2015 company and Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s support has been a real blessing. I’m learning that my job as an artist in this project is to create moments of synchronicity by fostering and harbouring connections, so that individual participants can experience meaningful moments, moments which plant a seed of behaviour change!”

If you want to discuss sponsorship or volunteering opportunities, please contact Sara Zaltash (

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