What will Bristol look like one day?

one day: Day One – Resilience, a Bristol 2015 funded project, continues to go from strength to strength and has released a series of videos sharing what Bristol people want from their city in the future. The project was developed in partnership with the lead artist, Sara Zaltash and The Schumacher Institute, co-chair of the Bristol Resilience Network.

This participatory arts project is transporting a light-footed pop-up geodesic dome to 16 diverse locations across the greater Bristol area throughout the summer of 2015. Members of the public are invited to enter and collectively imagine a resilient, sustainable and Green Bristol, as if that were today’s Bristol, imagining all of the things that they want for their city one day, as if today were Day One.

“What would I do on Day One? I would plant a flower.”logo-white

These imaginings are recorded and shared via the one day: Day One – Resilience website. Designed to encourage people to start thinking about what they want their future and the future of their city to look like, these videos are a starting point for wider dialogues about Bristol as a green and resilient city.

“One day Bristol will be full of bikes and not cars and the world will be a much better place.”

Emmelie Brownlee, says: “We are so pleased to be supporting this project. It has started some fantastic conversations in the city and engaged new people in thinking about the future of Bristol.”

Find out more about the project, including the dome’s next stops!