A toolkit designed for community climate groups

Communities like yours across the world are increasingly aware of the need to take action on climate change but often feel overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of the issues raised, and don’t feel empowered to take action.

We have created a Community Climate Action Toolkit to help you.

The toolkit is a richly illustrated, easy to navigate PDF document, viewable on a computer or portable device.

Illustrations by Jenny Bowers CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

Click HERE to download your free copy of the Toolkit

This Community Climate Action Toolkit will help you

  • with easy-to-use tools and resources, to develop your group
  • understand your local situation, to move into meaningful action
  • ensure a diversity of views and approaches is considered
  • achieve action at different levels
  • find creative ways forward unique to you, not a pre-defined route

Our approach is founded on systems thinking principles, but presented in practical ways. It is accessible to any community that is interested in taking action to address climate change.

The Toolkit was co-authored by Katie Dick and Richard Erskine, who are Fellows of The Schumacher Institute. It has been supported by The Schumacher Institute and the COMMEET fellowship and produced with the help of an international group of contributors and commenters.

The contents of this work including the illustrations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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