key themes

Working creatively at the forefront of knowledge

We build on existing systems knowledge, continually exploring what we mean by ‘sustainable systems’ and developing our understanding and innovations as we go.

In this we believe that we are part of a great planetary and inter-cultural dialogue and project for transformation.  This journey has a number of key themes which express our values and our commitment to sustainability as a learning journey.

These themes overlap with international agreements such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Systems:
Key Schumacher Themes

Making Sense

Personal growth aiming to understand the world with others. Spreading systems understanding for informed action. Developing democratic agency and community empowerment.

Resilience thinking

Understanding and supporting the innate powers of ecosystems, human communities and individuals to self-regenerate, adapt and prosper in the face of change.  

Global Convergence

Supporting equality within and between countries. Sharing the resources and life-support capacity of planet Earth. Rich countries to reduce use. Transfer of useful technologies to poorer countries.

Inclusive Sustainability

Equality means no-one left behind. Validating and listening to diverse traditions and voices. Intersectionality and inter-connectivity.

Living Futures

Valuing flourishing nature, human health and care across ecological and social systems.

New Economy

Promoting systems change to re-structure economic drivers and dynamics. Goal of economy increasing wellbeing for people and planet. 

Climate Action

Enabling responses to climate emergency by providing resources. Supporting projects for mitigation benefitting people and planet   

Prepare for Change

Applying knowledge for a better future. Working with the system sciences to help scan the horizon. Precautionary effort for wellbeing. 

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