Sustainability Journeys

We support organisations as they undertake exploration into and development of their own ‘sustainability journeys’. That is pathways that will lead them towards genuine sustainability by 2050. These projects focus on credible improvements in their carbon footprints through emissions removal, reduction, and recovery.

Vintage Bentley is the premier restorer of the original W.O. Bentley motorcars, built from 1922 to 1932. They employ around 30 people, most of whom are young apprentices, technicians and engineers. They are committed to a sustainability journey that includes the use of synthetic fuel and sustainable parts manufacture, as well as running the business in a ‘nature positive’ way. For more information visit their site.

The Vintage Sports-Car Club is one of the largest and best-regarded motoring clubs in the world. Its focus is primarily on cars made before 1939 and it holds a wide variety of events every year, from motor racing and hill climbs at one end of the speed spectrum, to driving test and road tours at the other. In 2022, it launched a sustainability initiative that has resulted in it being recognised as a leading influencer in carbon emissions recovery and the use of synthetic fuels in vintage motoring, pioneering the principle of 4:1 carbon recovery both for emissions and for embedded carbon.