The institute is a fellowship of people with diverse interests, knowledge and skills. The projects that we undertake reflect that diversity. Systems thinking thrives on variety and shared perspectives – it is a transdisciplinary subject.

“Transdisciplinarity admits and confronts complexity in science and it challenges knowledge fragmentation. It deals with research problems and organizations that are defined from complex and heterogeneous domains such as global environmental change or public health challenges. As well as complexity and heterogeneity, this mode of knowledge production is also characterized by its hybrid nature, non-linearity, and reflexivity, transcending any academic disciplinary structure.”

Deciphering Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Contributions, Roderick J. Lawrence, Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science Vol: 1, No:1, (December, 2010)

Current programmes

We have a number of programmes of research and activity, to which we invite contributions. They act as a starting point to define projects for interns, student placements and volunteers.

They fit into our main themes of Inclusive Sustainability, Living Futures, Prepare for Change, and Making Sense.


We maintain close relationships with a number of organisations as well as joining into alliances and forums for discussion. We develop joint projects and shared events.

Thes connections are long-lasting and have led to deep friendships.

Discussion papers

We appreciate the need to communicate ideas and share understanding in ways that are accessible. Our discussion papers are short pieces, often expressing the opinion of the author. They shed new light on the issues we face.

Research papers

Our research papers are the outputs from the projects within our programmes. They are the result of investigations and collations of material that present issues, offer ways forward and, we hope, provoke thought.


We are delighted to publish books under the imprint of Good Works (GW).

GW believes that critical thought and open debate are some of the most important contributions to ensuring we are able to create a fairer, balanced and harmonious world for all living creatures.

Systems Resources

There are numerous tools of the trade in systems thinking, here we collect some of them and links to many more.