our organisation

We are a networked, non-hierarchical organisation, driven by the knowledge, interests and skills of our Fellows.

a network of knowledge

The Institute is a networked organisation in the way we operate internally and in our relations with other organisations.

We take the view that knowledge and understanding happens and evolves in connected human networks, a lot like neural networks in the brain. This means that we value connectivity highly and we seek to leverage the fantastic comparison, imitation and pattern-spotting capacities of the human mind.

The Institute has an essentially flat structure that is built around enabling new projects, initiatives, learning and research. We achieve our aims by creating space for a community of dialogue and learning which ranges from the very applied and grounded to the most speculative and abstract.

Our Fellows drive our development and are drawn from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and work in different interdisciplinary clusters. 

All our Fellows have a shared interest in finding out how systems thinking can assist their practice and an interest in sharing with others.

 Our Fellows also work with our structures to initiate projects and/or develop bids for research and put on learning events and courses. 

We welcome Fellows from across the world to join us and to participate online in our activities. Whenever any of our overseas Fellows visit us in Bristol this is a special occasion and we often organise events around their visit.  


Our Members support our aims and pay a small monthly subscription. Members gain access to many events and receive a regular newsletter.

Please get in touch to support us as a Member.

Our MT supports the work of the Institute by regular review and oversight, taking on various specific roles in the organisation. 

Charity and Board

The Schumacher Institute is a registered educational charity with a Board of Trustees. If you think you might be interested to support us as a Board Member please get in contact.

Funding and value model

The Institute has an ecology of funding, relying on a mix of:

  • Project & research-based funding where a small overhead contributes to costs.
  • Membership and supporters donations and bequests.
  • A great deal of the value generated in the organisation arises from the freely given time and commitment of our Fellows and Members in forms of mutual exchange and collaboration.

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