We put systems thinking into practice through our projects, often co-created with partners where we bring the ‘systems sauce’.

Responding to community needs

The Institute is involved in many projects, usually initiated by Fellows as individuals or in groups, responding to current needs expressed by the wider sustainability community or movement. Some of these projects seek and gain funding, some of them begin as pro-bono pieces of work, often in conjunction with other partners.


The Institute can advise and support partners in developing projects for funding bids and also act as a partner delivering systems elements.

We are experienced in planning and delivering all kinds of engagement with different kinds of groups, often using creative applied systems techniques. Building relationships across different groups of actors in a system can involve bringing people together to map and explore a particular project area, whether geographical or conceptual. In this way stakeholders can discover more about each others’ perspectives and understand the different kinds of roles that groups play in a system. 

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